Testing the quality of ERW steel tubes

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A series of tests

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsIt is important to test ERW tubes to make sure they meet the right standards. After all there can be discontinuities that could result in issues or flaws. For example, there may be problems like porosity, cavities, or inclusions in the metal itself. These could become worse when rolling sheets into tubes. It could also compromise the welding or there could be a discontinuity because of problems with the weld process.

What you should do to ensure the products are safe to use is subject them to a series of tests. The first step will be non-destructive testing (NDT). There are several techniques here that can look for surface and subsurface issues. They can also inspect the quality of welds. Whether it is ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, replication, or hardness tests, each of them can provide useful insights. Most importantly, they won’t damage the tube.

A second thing you can do is metallurgical tests. This examines the microstructure of the metal and/or weld. It can be useful for ensuring there are no issues here. Most importantly, it can check to see if the heat zone has the same or similar structure to the base metal. This can indicate if there will be an issue. Plus, the inspection can check the metal streamline morphology.

Next, it may be necessary to do a destructive test. While it will destroy a piece of tube, it can be a good way to make sure there are no problems in a batch. A flattening test can be useful to check the weld strength. If it cracks easily you need to adjust the weld parameters. A flaring test can also check the strength of welds.

Finally, a hydraulic test may be necessary. If the tube will be carrying gas or liquid, it is vital. The testing is a way to ensure that the tubing can be pressurised without leaks. It is important to check the seam here as it is the weak point.

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