Is there a mismatch?

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ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsWe create ERW tubes by using high or low-frequency resistance welding. They typically begin as steel plates or sheets. Rolling and longitudinal welding allows us to turn them into tube.

The final products are often used to convey natural gas, oil, and other vapour and liquid substances. They can meet all sorts of low and high pressure requirements too. Currently, ERW has a prestigious place in the transportation tubing field. As a result, you can find the tube in networks all over the world.

During the welding of ERW tubes, heat is produced when current moves through the welding area’s contact surface. It heats up the steel’s two edges. This happens to the point where they are able to form a bond. Concurrently, the tube bank edges melt and squeeze together. This happens under the action of the combined pressure. Talk to us if you would like to work with the finest ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.


One problem you can run into with these tubes though is the mismatch effect. Manufacturers produce ERW tubes by connecting the two edges of skelp. It is critical that these stay parallel to each other while you weld. If they don’t, and there is uneven joining, you may experience the mismatch effect.

Most tubing mills use scarfing tools. Their purpose is to dispose of the overabundance of material that gets squeezed out of the interior and exterior of the tube. This creates an even weld that is also cleaner. At times, you can encounter the mismatch flaw with tubing. If you experience this, it will result in the thinning of the walls within the weld sector. This happens whenever you have smaller wall thicknesses.

The thinning is not merely because of the scarfing utensils removing the materials. It might be present because of separate processing phases. This can include corrugation and bending.

It is possible for the mismatching problem to appear due to numerous reasons. There could be inaccurate mill alignments or there may be improper slitting. The positioning of your guide rolls could even be the problem.

The defects

Thinner walls can spell disaster if you have any mismatch defects. The last place you want it is in your tubes. They will have a habit of cracking or spitting open. The exterior pressure could be high too. If it is, the tubes can fail since the defect is present. Flanging and spinning are good examples of these pressures.

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