How well do you know your oval tubes?

We have been working for years providing customers with the finest products we can. Our speciality is steel ERW tube. To ensure that our merchandise is top notch, we use high quality materials together with the best machinery. To top it off, we subject every section to testing before they are ready to go to the client.

ERW tubeOne of the best things about ERW tubing is that it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This is what enables them to suit such a wide array of applications. The steel tubes are cost effective, robust, and durable. You are even able to alter and finish them in a multitude of ways so they suit even more needs. Knowing this, it should not shock you that people like these tubes. Oval tubing is especially popular.

Two different ovals

When we say oval, there are actually two separate shapes we are referring to. The first shape is a true oval that lacks flat parts. The second one is flat sided. The tubes here possess a straight bottom and top similar to a rectangular section, but come with round end sections.

Whenever there are multiple versions of a tube shape, you must ensure you have the correct one to meet your specifications. The differences between the two may only be minor. However, these distinctions have the potential to influence how much space the tube has to take up. Additionally, they can affect the tube’s strength and its capacity.

What you need to remember is that ovals that are naturally flat are normally shallower. The reason is that the bottom and top parts are perfectly straight. Full oval tubes are taller thanks to the curves so it can take up extra room. Speak to our team if you are after the ideal oval ERW tube for your projects.

Flatter but stronger

Another thing to note about flat side oval tubes is that they are normally stronger. This is due to the fact that you can locate a weld on the flat section. This can provide more stability. However, true ovals do have an advantage. Thanks to the curvature, you have a little more material to join together. With a good weld it can be a bit stronger.

We have a thorough understanding of ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, our time in the tubing industry has given us the chance to expand our knowledge of the ERW process considerably. We understand what shapes will work best for particular situations. When customers call us for advice, we can easily point them in the right direction.

So, if you want to purchase our ERW tube products, please give our team a call. You can consult with us if you need help deciding on the shape, size, or finish.