The significance of high and low frequency power sources

We are a company that has spent almost 15 years providing various individuals with ERW tube. With us, no one gets a substandard service. Everyone receives products that can meet their requirements. Because we are an ISO 9001 registered business, we offer consistent quality.

Inspection of ERW weld nuggets is essential in our industry. It’s a quality control step in the creation of high-strength tubing. Said products are generally for pressure applications. Here, it doesn’t matter what the frequency of the power source to fabricate longitudinal butt welds in the tubing is.

Whenever you create ERW tube, a visible hourglass shape signature is in the weld. This pattern appears because the electrical current flows around and in the edges of your medium. The power source frequency decides the depth of the heat into these edges.

Dividing the power sources

Usually, you would split up the power sources into high and low frequency. Heat penetration into the metal’s edges can be 0.375 inches deep if you use a low frequency source. Using this kind of power isn’t as accepted anymore though. Most customers want a more accurate result. Therefore the penetration must be shallower.

Heat penetration with a high frequency source shall be bigger at the bottom and top corners. It won’t be as high in the middle though. The lower your output is, the deeper it will penetrate. Turning the frequency up makes it shallower. The average depth is roughly 0.030 inch into each edge for a 450-megahertz power source.

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