The importance of tube testing to give you what you need

Established in 2004, we have immense experience and over 200 product options for you to choose from. You will only ever receive leading ERW tubes that you can rely on from us. In order to meet your specific requirements, we work carefully with you. This includes carrying out rigorous testing on everything we supply.

With developments in the production of ERW tubing, quality and cost efficiency is always improving. However, it is not a perfect process. To be certain that what you get meets both our and your high standards, we check our work before sending it on to you.


When looking at our products, we check things such as the quality of the weld. On top of this we need to ensure that it will not leak when used. ERW tubes need to be able to withstand weights and pressures without weakening. By detecting issues at this stage you will only ever receive the best from us. This means that you can count on Union Steel for great and dependable tube fabrication.


Providing you with top of the range stock is about more than competition. In the event of a pipe failure, people in the vicinity can be in danger. By providing you with amazing tubes for an affordable cost, you can have peace of mind over the quality. This will reduce the risks.


We dedicate ourselves to providing premier ERW tubes that will stand the test of time. As a result you can avoid the expensive costs that come with pipe failure and clean up. You can rely on us for all of your tubing needs.

By discussing the specifics of your project with you and offering vast types of tubing, you can get a perfect match without compromise. You can always trust us so don’t wait and get started today. For more details on Union Steel and our ERW tubes, reach out to us at 01902 881 222. We can discuss the various sizes and shapes we have to offer.