Stopping your tubes from freezing

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A frozen tube is not something you want. Anyone who has one will probably find themselves having to pay a sizeable bill soon enough. This could be to replace burst pipes or a much larger project. There’s one particular cost effective way of dealing with this issue though; stop it from happening initially.

To stop your tubes from freezing you need to find the source of this problem. There are three common causes:

  • Poor insulation
  • Thermostats set too low
  • Sudden temperature drops

Certain tubes can burst when they freeze. This results in a massive waste of water. The flood can cause its own issues. Examples include mould as well as structural damage.

Take the initiative

You’ll want to take action before the cold settles in. Ensure that your tubes aren’t uninsulated. Try wrapping them in heat tape and insulating them. Another possibility could be to seal air leaks that are letting the cold from the outside inside. Disconnect any exterior hoses too. Drain those tubes feeding taps outside as well.

When it gets cold, you can make moves to further help stop frozen tubes. You can open cabinet doors up to allow heat to reach the tubes beneath your sink. If there’s anything dangerous inside the cabinets, remove them. You’ll want to keep it all out of the reach of pets and children. In addition make sure you have your thermostat set to keep the property warm at the coldest times.

At Union Steel Tubes, we make it easy for clients to find suitable products. We supply over 200 different sizes of tubing. In addition, we have pre-galvanised and seamless variants. There are also plenty of distinct tube shapes.

With a large stock and a commitment to high quality, we are the top ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands can offer. If you would like more details, feel free to call us anytime.