The secret to enhancing process yields

Being a company that specialises in ERW tube, we put in the maximum level of effort when it comes to meeting client orders. Made using optimal materials and manufacturing processes, our tubing is designed with success in mind. With a multitude of tube shapes and sizes available from us, we’re confident that our products will be able to fulfil your specifications.

For a number of years, electric resistance welding (ERW) has been utilised to create longitudinal seam welds within steel line piping. Primarily, it has found use in both water pipeline and low-level structural applications. Thanks to the emergence of high frequency induction, the resulting welding amplifications when used in tandem with supreme management of the raw substance chemical composition, have resulted in the creation of top-notch line pipe. These products are more appropriate for such uses as gas and oil pipelines.

The procedure of welding pipes and tubes needs numerous variables in order to be fit for stable and efficient productions. The material tooling set up, edge condition, type, gauge and weld heat are simply a collection of the elements that require total attention from operators, quality control managers and mill supervisors. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the means to meet their efficiency and output goals.

Aside from governing over the variables in an attempt to optimise yields and efficiency, they also have to meet the market’s quality desires. Mill dynamics, right from the set up phase to the production stage, shall influence the reputation of industry players, profitability and competitiveness sooner or later.

At Union Steel Tubes, one of the most important things to us is ensuring that our customers receive the service that they deserve. When you place an order, the quick delivery we arrange will see to it that you aren’t kept waiting for your merchandise for too long. Should the order be an urgent one, it shall arrive on the very same day that it’s placed where possible.

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