ERW and seamless tubes are worlds apart

Steel tubes have so many applications it can be difficult keeping track of them all. From railings to oil and gas pipes, there’s so much that tubing can accomplish, and all you need to take full advantage of your own products is a little imagination. Supplying a collection of the best ERW tubes , we are the company to talk to if you wish to purchase these wonderful utensils.

These days, thanks to the rapid advances of both society and technology, more steel tube variations are being created each day. This list includes the likes of seamless and welded steel tubes, and ERW steel tubing. Within the competitive market, every one of them sells at decent rates thanks to their unique aspects.

There are quite a few differences between both seamless and ERW tubing however, and it’s crucial to understand them so that you invest in the correct one for your particular needs. ERW tubes for instance are utilised to transport liquid substances, such as gas and fuel, no matter what the pressure requirements are. This plays a pivotal role in dispatching the tubing to locations from all over the globe.

A seamless tube tends to either be shaped in a rectangular or square fashion and possesses hollowed cross sections. This makes it more suited to manufacturing machine components and structural members, thanks in no short part to its anti-torque and anti-bending strengths, as well as its lightness. Overall, this pair of tubes varies a lot in terms of usage.

At Union Steel Tubes our speciality has always been and will continue to be ERW tubing. Coming in a legion of shapes and sizes, our merchandise has the potential to meet countless customer specifications, and thanks to our quick delivery service, you won’t be waiting very long to use them.

If we can be of any assistance to you, please let us know. We can deliver products to meet almost any kind of requirement, delivering excellent standards and helping you to overcome challenges.