Differences in tubes

Established in 2004, Union Steel have since built up a reliable, and versatile reputation in creating a variety of quality steel tubing. We are a fully ISO 9001 registered company, so you can be assured to put your trust in us to the best job. Whenever they need ERW steel tubes West Midlands clients call on us with confidence.

When it comes to making steel tubes, there are a lot of things to consider. Depending on client requests, we must always make sure we are creating the right type of tubing for the job. We carefully ensure that they are the right width and thickness in particular.

The different kinds of tubes that are available are all designed and built for specific roles. Such varieties are; ERW (Electric Resistance Welded), DOM (Drawn over Mandrel), and Seamless mechanical tubing. These tubes all have different benefits.

ERW tubes are made with a very specific type of welding process that involves electricity and pressure to weld tubing. To shape the tube this way a sheet of steel goes through a few processes of cold rolling first. Once it is the correct shape the electrical current is used to create a small heat zone on each edge of the tube. The pressure then bonds them together.

DOM is a process that is carried out when the tube is finished. This is one of the more high quality steel tubes that can be made and uses similar stages of manufacturing to make the ERW tube. The difference is in the finishing stages the flash weld is removed. This type of manufacturing creates a tube with better tolerances dimensionally, and gives the weld more strength.

Seamless mechanical tubing is manufactured in a process where a solid steel bar is pierced, turning the solid steel into a round tube. There are two types of seamless tube; cold drawn and hot finished. The cold process creates a better surface finish.

This was just a brief overview of the different types of tubes available, and how they are manufactured. If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Union Steel Tubes. We are the most highly regarded supplier of ERW steel tubes West Midlands businesses call on.