Protecting gas tubes against lightning strikes

Over the years we have grown to become the ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands based clients automatically associate with quality. Having proven ourselves as a trusted provider repeatedly, clients have come to rely on us for the high standards and performance of our products. Available in an array of sizes and shapes, our tubing can fulfil a diverse, ever-changing range of specifications.

Corrugated stainless steel tubing is a common appliance that finds its fair share of uses in many homes across the world. These objects are surprisingly lightweight and can be wrapped in a jacketing so they can transport natural gases through the structure. In the U.S alone, estimates claim that this tubing has been installed in as many as 10 million houses since the 1990s. Gas piping of this nature doesn’t react to lightning strikes exceptionally well it must be said, but measures do exist which aim to make it as safe as it can be.

These days, the guidelines that surround corrugated stainless steel tubing call for gas piping set ups to have at least a 6-gauge bonding wire between a construct’s grounding electrode and the tubes that are in position. This is done to lower the chances of their being a natural gas leak or fire.

Electricians also offer their assistance here by checking to see if the tubing has been grounded and bonded with the wire. Inspections of this nature don’t normally take too long. Lightning is quite the damaging element and can result in incalculable destruction to a building, meaning measures must be taken. This is where the grounding system and property bonding come into play, being able to minimise the chance of a fire after a strike has hit the immediate area.

At Union Steel Tubes, our tubing comes in oval, square, rectangular and circular shapes to name some, giving you a lot of choice when working with us. This means they can meet all kinds of requirements. In order to make certain that our merchandise is the best it can be, we subject the tubes to extensive testing to see if there are any outstanding issues that require our attention.

If you would like to know more about how we operate, feel free to contact us. We are confident you will soon see why we are the ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands clients have such great expectations of.