The reasons why you should be using steel construction

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Steel construction has been around for decades, and there are many reasons for its popularity. Using products such as tubing, you can create new structures that last for a very long time. In this post, we will be discussing the benefits of using steel materials for construction.


ERW tubesFirstly, we have the reliability. Steel structures are some of the most reliable around. The reasons for this include uniformity and consistency in properties. There is also great ductility, elasticity, and superior quality control. If you choose first rate materials from a reliable manufacturer, whether it is tubes, beams, plates, or any other kind of steel, there should be fewer variations in elongations, ultimate strengths, and yield stress. As a result, they can outperform other materials like wood and concrete.

Shorter build times

Another reason would be the lower construction time and faster erection speed. Due to the industrial nature of steel construction, progress of the work is quick. This makes the structures economical. The lowering of overhead changes and labour costs and the advantages of using the building early positively contribute to the economy. If you find yourself in need of ERW tubes for a build, please let us know.

High strength and light weights

Steel construction has a high strength and light weight nature too. Steel’s strength per unit weight means the dead loads are going to be smaller. This type of load is a larger component of your structure’s total loading. When dead loads go down, the lower members can become smaller since there is less weigh to act on them. This is an extremely important fact for structures that don’t have the best foundation conditions.


When you maintain it property, steel’s attributes can be retained for a long time. As a result, the structures can have very impressive longevity. Other materials like timber and concrete will lose performance over time. As a result, they may not have as long a life cycle.

We deliver quality when you need ERW tubes

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