How do ERW and seamless tubing production techniques work?

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It is no secret that many industrial applications have become complex and seen considerable evolution. At the same time, tubing items are changing in order to remain valuable. There are an impressive number of tube processing methods in existence. However, the debate often comes down solely to seamless and electrical resistance welded (ERW) tube. It is a wise idea to look at both to decide which is better for you.

Welded tubes

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsThese tubes start off as long coils of steel ribbons, known as skelps. This skelp, which leads to a flat rectangular board, gets cut to the preferred length. The widths belonging to the shorter sections of your sheets shall transform into the exterior circumference of the tube. You will be able to use this value to measure the eventual external diameter.

The rectangular sheets pass through a rolling apparatus to produce a cylinder. This machine curls the longer sides up to one another. Next, a high frequency electrical current gets transmitted between the edges during the ERW process. What this does is cause them to melt and fuse together.

One advantage of ERW tubing is that you don’t use fusion welding. Also, it isn’t possible to feel or see the weld seam with high quality tube. If you compare to double submerged arc welding, the latter leaves behind an apparent weld bead. You might have to remove this depending on the circumstances. Come to us if you desire the greatest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.

Seamless techniques

With seamless tubes, they tend to begin as solid steel cylindrical hunks known as billets. The first step here is to heat the billet. A mandrel will then pierce through the middle to create the hollow. The next step after this is rolling and stretching until the tube matches the specs for wall thickness, diameter, and length.

As you produce them, some seamless tubes harden. You don’t have to heat treat them afterwards because of this. Others will require thermal therapy.

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