The differences and relationship between steel and iron

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Steel and iron are two of the most common materials in the world. People use them to create all sorts of components and products, like tubing for instance. Steel and iron do look similar, and it is really easy to confuse the two. However, the fact is that both are unique substances. They have their own qualities and characteristics. In this post, we are going to dive into the differences.


ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsWe will start with iron. It is a ductile and lustrous metal with the atomic number 26. Iron is a really interesting material in terms of its colour. When it is pure it is silver-grey like chrome, with a mirror like finish that can reflect a substantial amount of light. However, it is highly reactive and can change colour. For this reason you can see iron in colours like red, orange, brown, and black.

Another fact about iron is that it is a ferromagnetic metal. What this means is that it is magnetic and is able to attract other metals from this category.

One important note to make is that iron is also an essential mineral. Similar to vitamins, these minerals are vital for sufficient nutrition. When you consume iron, it provides your body with the nutrients to create haemoglobin. This is important because it is one of the primary components of red blood cells. If your diet lacks iron, your body won’t have enough red blood cells. This will result in a medical condition known as iron deficiency anaemia.


As for steel, it is actually a ferrous alloy that mainly includes carbon and iron. Many individuals make the assumption that steel is a metal. This isn’t strictly true though. It does have similar characteristics to metals. However, we technically class it as an alloy. Metals naturally occur as elements. For example, you can find iron in the earth as ore. You won’t find steel in the wild though; it has to be man-made. Let us know if you wish to work with the leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

All steel holds iron as well as carbon. Carbon’s addition is the key here. It leads to considerable physical changes in the alloy. For instance, steel is stronger and harder if you compare to pure iron. Plus, you can add further elements to the alloy to get even more diverse characteristics. For example adding chromium creates stainless steel. Moreover, it is not an essential mineral, meaning it doesn’t have to be part of your diet.

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