Choose steel tube structures over wood frame ones

We have been providing orders of ERW tube products to customers for many years now. Our merchandise comes in more than 200 different sizes to accommodate a plethora of needs. In addition, we have different shapes such as round, square, oval, and rectangular. There is optimum choice here, and we can even offer recommendations.

Steel tube structures come with much more flexibility and versatility if you compare to wood frame ones. The advantages of using the tubing are considerable. To help you understand, we will be discussing some of them in this post.

A cheaper option

Firstly, steel tube structures are cheaper to build. Erecting a wood frame structure from the start can be an expensive and lengthy endeavour. Lumber doesn’t come cheap for one thing. In addition, creating a new building typically takes a team a few weeks to several months.

On the other hand, with a steel tube structure, you can assemble one in a few hours. This is often without any requirement for a concrete foundation. You also don’t need as much equipment or personnel.


ERW tubeAnother fact about steel tube structures is that they are more durable as well. This is true whether you choose ERW tube or seamless. When you do a comparison to wood frames, the tubing will demand less maintenance. Steels possess more impact resistance and durability than wood. You don’t have to worry about mould or rot here either.

Corrosion can be a concern with some types of steel. However, you can choose options like galvanised or stainless to address this. Both can withstand high moisture levels for long periods.

Wood can also create problems for poly coverings. Even exposed nails or small splinters can ruin the fabric. If you use steel tube, you won’t need to worry.

More interior space

Something else you need to know is that steel tube structures result in more interior space. They can do this since the arch shape permits them to remain upright without the requirement for vertical struts.

As for wood frame buildings, you must use load bearing supports. They can interfere with the level of usable space inside a property. Moreover, the necessity of load bearing vertical supports can shrink the size of exits and entrances. This can become a problem for buildings that need large openings.

We aim to meet the highest standards with our ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we have the ability to handle any size order. At the same time, we are small enough that we can offer a stellar level of customer care. Everyone deserves the highest quality products, so that is what we work to provide. This focus is why we have many happy repeat customers.

If you need ERW tube for any project, feel free to contact us. We can advise you on the best specs to use for almost any application.