The main parameters of the ERW welding process

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Welding pressure is one of the chief parameters of creating ERW tube. After you heat the tube’s two edges to the right temperature, ordinary metal grains will form. This is under the pressing force’s action to fashion the welding with one other.

Alterations in the welding pressure might be involved here. This is thanks to the ERW tube width and thickness’ potential tolerances. Fluctuations in the weld speed and temperature also play a part. You normally control the volume of welding extrusion by altering the distance between your squeeze rollers. Alternatively, you can manage it by the difference in the rollers’ circumference.

Welding speed

Another primary parameter of the procedure is the welding speed. This is related to the heating system. It’s also related to the mutual crystallisation speed and the speed of the weld seam.

Within the ERW tube, the welding quality improves as the speed increases. The reason why is that the heating time decreases to make the edge heating zone’s width narrower. Should the weld speed decrease, the heating zone shall widen. Therefore, you must ensure that this doesn’t happen.

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