Do you have the right kind of steel?

If you need ERW tube then we are just the people to help. We have specialised in these products for years. Clients from many industries come to us seeking them for various purposes. To make certain we don’t disappoint anyone, we ensure that all the tubes are precise.

Stainless steel tube has a lot of uses but not every piece of tubing is the same. There are so many types of steel to choose from. Since this is the case, customers need to know exactly what kind to opt for. To do this they must look at the grades on offer and their properties. There are also several questions they need to ask.

Do you need to machine the ERW tube?

One question would be whether you have to machine the stainless steel. If you do, you must account for special considerations. It is possible to machine the majority of stainless steels. However, the steel does suffer from work hardening. You need to optimise the machining process so that it operates at a rate capable of helping with this problem. The tools you require for the machining must remain in great condition too.

Like with carbon steels, you can add sulphur to stainless steel to improve machinability. A good example of this would be grade 303.

Is the corrosion resistance sufficient?

You must also ask how much corrosion resistance you need. The thing to remember with stainless steel is that each grade has its own degree of this. Due to the high amounts of chromium, austenitic steels normally offer superior resistance. Therefore, you could choose grade 304. Grade 316 has similarities but its chemical makeup includes molybdenum. This makes it even more resistant to corrosion.

ERW tubeAt Union Steel Tubes, we always give our clients the chance to choose from a massive collection of steel ERW tube. Our company is ISO 9001 registered too. As a result, we can handle orders of any size and maintain the quality.

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