Choosing between seamless and welded tubes

Union Steel first established itself back in 2004. Since then, our goal has been to supply the highest quality ERW tubes to every customer. This doesn’t just mean using the greatest raw materials. We also need to create and finish them properly. Luckily we can do this and offer a wide selection of sizes and shapes. This way, they are more appropriate for the tasks you have at hand.

It is possible to create steel tubes in both welded and seamless forms. However, many will not know about the advantages that are available. When choosing seamless tubes or welded ones like ours, you must consider several facts. The following are some of the most important.


Firstly you always need to look at the dimensions. Both welded and seamless designs come in a huge array of standard sizes. They are useful for various applications. For the independent production of the former, you can order and use the raw substances in exact thicknesses. All of this depends on the wall thickness calculations. This shall cut costs and save resources.

Cost effectiveness

This is something else you need to consider. The benefits of seamless tubes for small to medium sized exterior diameters with big wall thicknesses are apparent. Nonetheless, welded products are more beneficial. This is for small, medium sized, and large exterior diameters. These are ones with wall thicknesses of between 2 and 70mm.

Diameter to wall thickness

ERW tubesUltimately, the decision whether to use welded or seamless tubing depends primarily on the diameter/wall thickness ratio. The tube tolerances you need are essential as well. Typically, the benefits of the welded designs exceed those of the alternative. As a result, industries in Western Europe prefer the former for most uses.

At Union Steel all we want is for everyone to walk away happy when they purchase our ERW tubes. For this to happen, we must ensure that there are no faults. Once everything receives the all clear, we use our quick delivery service to get the tubing to you.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us, feel free to get in touch.