You can’t use the same methods when welding stainless and carbon steels

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The majority of stainless steels have excellent weldability. As this is the case, you can use processes like electric resistance welding on them. This comes with good and bad ramifications. It is great because fabrication is easier. On the other hand, people mistakenly believe that they can weld stainless steel as they can with carbon variants. This is one of the most significant errors you can make.


Carbon steels have vastly different physical properties to the stainless steels. The latter for instance has far lower thermal conductivity and superior thermal expansion. Because of this stainless steel has a habit of warping and distorting. If you are new to working with the steel you will likely struggle with these issues. As such, you must take another approach.

Use separate toolsweld-hot-soldering-radio-welder-73833

Something else to remember is that you can’t use the same tools on both steels. You need to segregate stainless steel welding from carbon steel entirely. If you weld both at the same station, expect issues. Someone might use a stainless steel brush on their carbon welds for example. Afterwards, they may go back to stainless steel. If they do this, they will introduce carbon to the weld. This can result in premature corrosion. Have separate utensils if you wish to prevent this.

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