Steel Tube Supplier West Midlands


We offer a broad range of different techniques to make the best products possible, with over 200 different varieties on offer in any length or width. Our primary focus is creating ERW steel tube. These tubes are made from cold strips of steel that is rolled into shape using the latest equipment. Once the desired shape is met the tube is welded in place to create a strong bond and tubing that is incredibly durable.

The benefits of this kind of tubing are that they can be manufactured incredibly cheaply and that the technique allows easy creation of products with a wide diameter. The powerful rolling machines we have also allow us to work with different thicknesses of steel, from the smallest 0.5mm all the way to 3.2mm industrial strength tubes. We can create standard circular products as well as square, rectangular and oval depending on your needs. You can also choose from a broad range of options to finish your tubing, with chrome plating, zinc coating, galvanisation and deburring services all available.

As a company we believe in offering the best quality at all times. This is why we made the decision to implement ISO 9001 quality management practices and obtain certification. ISO has helped us to boost efficiency, improve quality across the whole organisation and increase our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers. We offer the best when it comes to advice and customer service so you can always get the right final product for your needs.

Make Union Steel Tubes Ltd your number one choice when you need a steel tube supplier in the West Midlands and you can expect the best products and support when you need it. To learn more please get in touch; we are happy to answer any and all queries. If you need a quote we can provide an accurate one for you and explain the benefits of ordering in bulk. Call us today on 01902 881 222.