The importance of weld quality for tubing

We work hard to provide products for varying uses, ensuring clients get something they can rely on. This is why we supply items like ERW tube that are all made to the highest standards. They always undergo strict testing to ensure that the quality is high. This also confirms the tubing is suitable for its purpose.

A good weld is essential for any kind of welded tube. If it is brittle or porous, then it is a danger in terms of safety and potential costly mistakes from failure. Our procedures for producing and testing are essential. They help us uphold our outstanding standards. As a result you can have confidence in our products.

Potential Problems

Welding requires you to take care throughout. Part of this is ensuring that the surface is clean and free of any and all impurities. This includes water, oil and more. Failing to remove them can cause porosity. Aluminium in particular needs the outside layer of oxide removing before welding can commence.

There are numerous possible issues you can run into with welding. An example is an incorrect gap or poor edge preparation resulting in short, incomplete welds. There may also be subsurface cracks, voids or cavities. These give the tube a high chance of failing through breaks and leaks.

A First Class Supplier

With ERW tube welding, we ensure that the right current is used on the entire seam. Doing this for the appropriate time means that we achieve the correct temperature that will allow for effective bonding. With our top of the range equipment and skilled staff, you are in great hands.

You will only ever receive the best from us as we use the practical experience we have built up throughout our work. This is as well as our expert knowledge to allow us to always look for ways to perfect our services. This means that you never have to worry about sacrificing on quality while still getting the most out of our speedy delivery times.

Union Steel is the home of amazing tubing manufacturing and outstanding customer service. Whether you are in need of ERW tube or one of the many other types that we offer, we would love to work alongside you. All you need to do is reach out to us so that we can begin to discuss your requirements. Why wait, give us a call at 01902 881 222 now.