Interesting facts about modern tube mills

We use tubing for various purposes. The application will determine what tube you use. However, there shall be situations that demand a specialist product. You could find yourself in need of one of our ERW tubes. We would be more than happy to supply you with items fit for your needs. Additionally, we will do so for a very reasonable price.

Mills play a vital role in tube manufacturing. It’s their job to ensure there is no compromise between the endpoints because a flaw in the middle of tubing could be a big issue. It is important the right quality controls are in place.

Most mills create both seamless and ERW tubes. Which one you go for shall depend on your operational requirements.

New technology

The main strategies to create steel tubes have been used for centuries. The difference these days is that mills are more complex. Most importantly they tend to have elaborate monitoring gear to ensure product quality and mill efficiency. This provides fantastic benefits for the producer as well as the end user.

For quality assurance, inspection and monitoring equipment is essential. Standard systems include ultrasonic and eddy current. It’s possible to find laser or optical sensors as well. There might also be flux leakage detectors. All of this equipment can spot flaws in tubing to ensure poor quality products don’t go out.

At Union Steel Tubes, we assure customers that they’re always using the best products. Part of the way we do this is through our testing processes. Only after we have checked a tube and found no faults can we allow it out for delivery. This control measure is the same for our ERW tubes and seamless variations.

If there are things you wish to discuss with us, please contact our team. We cater for a wide array of applications, helping customers in many industries. In addition we can offer design advice.