The trouble with the mismatch defect

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Experts create ERW tubes by uniting the two edges of skelp. It’s essential that these remain parallel to one another during welding. If there is an uneven joining it could result in the mismatch defect.

The majority of tubing mills utilise scarfing utensils. Their job is to get rid of the excess material squeezed out from the exterior and interior. This produces a cleaner, more even weld.

Sometimes, the mismatch flaw will exist in tubes. When this happens, it’ll cause the considerable thinning of the walls in the welding section. This occurs where the wall thicknesses are smaller.

The cause of the thinning

The thinning isn’t simply due to the scarfing tools removing materials. It could be there because of other processing stages. This includes bending as well as corrugation. Thinner walls could be disastrous if there is a mismatch defect present. You don’t want it in your tubes. It shall display a penchant for splitting or cracking open. If the external pressure is high it can cause the tubes to fail because of the defect. Examples of these pressures would be spinning or flanging.

The mismatch defect can pop up for a myriad of reasons. It could be due to incorrect slitting or mill alignment. There may even be a problem with the location of your guide rolls.

At Union Steel Tubes, we double check to make certain that our products contain no faults. That way we always ensure we can supply the top ERW steel tubes West Midlands clients can buy.

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