Why are my tubes noisy?

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You may have noticed your tubes singing louder than you in the shower recently. Each time you turn the tap on, you might hear grumbles and knocks. Usually, these sounds are more annoying than anything else is. They’re normally not a major issue. Even knowing what the problem is can be relieving for owners of noisy tubing. The following are reasons why yours may be sounding a bit off.

Water hammer

In some cases noise travels up pipes every time someone turns the water on or off. The most common issues we have here is what we call water hammer. This problem typically manifests due to high water pressure. The noises here are some of the easiest to fix.

Persistent sounds

At times, you can hear the sounds more frequently after you turn on the tap. Again this is telling you that there’s an excessive level of pressure. Try lowering it using a pressure-reducing valve. Another option would be to let plumbers install an air chamber. These supply cushioning.

When the water is off

The noises could be popping up more when you have the water off. Normally, this means the tubes are loose. The difficulty of resolving this issue depends on where the tubing is. You may need to get a plumber to have a look.

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