The importance of ERW in tubing projects

We are a company that loves to provide the finest products to its customers. Specifically, we focus on providing the best ERW tube. Union Steel Tubes is an ISO 9001 establishment. This means that we can offer outstanding customer service and handle any sized order at the same time. This is great alongside our high quality tubing.

Tubes can transport a wide array of different things, whether it is gas, liquids, or other things. Professionals utilise various types of steel tubes in all sorts of projects, including ERW. During the 1860s as the tubing industry started expanding, quality management of the manufacturing procedure turned into a reality. The type and class of metal for tubes expanded from wrought iron to steel.

In our normal lives, nearly everyone knows where their local gas facility is. Natural gas or heating oil may be heating your own house. Countless homes also employ the former for cooking. However, there’s something you might not know about these substances. They travel considerable distances from plants and refineries through underground tube lines.

They help us each day

These tubing systems are the unsung heroes that support our daily lives. They convey things like petrol, water, crude oil, and sewer contents. A lot of this goes on under our streets.

Round shaped tubes are a standard kind we use for these arrangements. They go through neighbourhoods and communities in a safe manner. Some of these same tube lines supply fuel to create electricity. In addition, they transport crude oil from a myriad of rural locations. Afterwards, they deliver them to chemical plants and refineries, which then create merchandise with these materials.

A wide range of options

At Union Steel Tubes, we provide the largest range of choice of ERW tube. There are different sizes, shapes, and weights for you to pick from. We’re certain that you’ll find an appropriate product for your project.

If there is anything you would like to ask us, please get in touch. You can also contact us directly if you need bespoke tubing; we may be able to manufacture it for you.