Polishing your seamless tubes

We are a company that’s worked in the tubing industry since 2004. Over the years we have built up our experience and reputation. Today, people consider us the top ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has available. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that clients receive suitable merchandise.

One of the many variants of ERW tubing we specialise in is the seamless tube. We often get questions relating to these products. Something that frequently pops up is the subject of polishing. As a result, we are going to do is talk about the methods you can use on seamless tubes.


The first method is using mechanical polishing. The benefit of using this approach is that the brightness is high and the components are smooth following processing. Just remember that this is a very labour intensive technique. You also won’t be able to process complicated parts. The method is most appropriate for processing small and medium sized constituents.


Next, we have chemical polishing. With this procedure, you can polish complex pieces rapidly and also with great efficiency. The downside is that there could be heating issues. Make sure you plan around them. You’ll need ventilation gear too. The process is fitting for small quantities of complex parts as well as those that don’t need much brightness.


Finally, there is electromechanical polishing. One advantage to using it is that you can retain the gloss for longer. In addition, this is a stable approach and one that doesn’t cost much money. Individuals primarily employ it when working with high-grade merchandise.

At Union Steel Tubes, we understand that each customer requires a service that’s personal and unique to them. This is something we aim to provide every time. We merge customer care with our first class skills in order to supply unbeatable results.

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