Is the zinc layer helpful?

When it comes to ERW steel tubes West Midlands has no better supplier than us. For years, we’ve given the community a wide selection of high class products. In addition to different sizes of tubing, we also have a number of uniquely shaped ones. With such a collection, it’s easy for us to meet customer demands.

The range of applications for steel tube is expansive. We see these utensils in our everyday lives, including in balcony guardrails and kitchens. What we can say with confidence is that galvanised steel tube is the most widely used. It has a useful zinc layer and looks great in many different settings.

The benefit of the zinc layer

Many people often question what the benefit of the zinc layer is. In reality, the coat on the tube created via the galvanising process has a striking effect. It can improve the aesthetics, making products look very attractive.

The biggest benefit is that the zinc will protect the steel from corrosion. This is very important because without a protective layer the metal could corrode very quickly. With it the tubing is suitable for use in settings like lots of moisture, including outside.

The coating will also improve the hardness. You can utilise the tube as a building substructure in certain endeavours as a result.

The thing about galvanised steel tube is that it’s capable of adjusting to match differing conditions. Therefore it is a dynamic product.


The benefits of galvanised steel tube may be evident. However, some people are unaware how to tell separate grades of the tubing apart. Usually, you can use two variations of testing. The first one involves using the chemistry test. The second involves using equipment to calculate the zinc content. This is the most comprehensive method of testing.

At Union Steel Tubes, in addition to our standard tubes, we have pre-galvanised and seamless tubing too. We do everything we can to ensure that each client receives the highest standard of service. When you want the very best ERW steel tubes West Midlands based customers should call on us.

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