What kinds of ERW tubes exist?

ERW tubes are useful for all sorts of applications. If you want yours to perform well however, you must acquire them from a trustworthy source. Union Steel is one of the most reliable suppliers in the UK. Since 2004, we’ve supplied our customers with high quality products. Our reputation has grown over the years and we enjoy a lot of repeat business and recommendations.

This type of tubing is rather popular for creating infrastructure to transport low-pressure liquids. You can utilise it in a myriad of other projects though, including railings and shop fittings. There is a multitude of ERW tubes out there for you to pick from to meet the different uses.

We create our tubes using hot steel sheets. If you desire more detailed information about them, we advise that you keep on reading.


ERW tubes have a small heat zone because an electric current is used rather than a flame. This provides some major benefits including a stronger weld and a smaller risk of flaws. In terms of uses, you can employ them in both the commercial and domestic sectors. You can classify them into automobile, general, roller, metric, and galvanised tubes.

The primary function of this tubing design is low-pressure solutions. With testing, several methods of inspecting the flattening and bending capacities exist, such as surface quality.

The quality you find with the metric tubing kinds isn’t dissimilar to the seamless category. The alloys are certified carbon steel and general tropic low alloy-based steel. You can utilise it to generate structural constituents of engine drive shafts.

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