The evolution of MIG processes

Stocking an array of different shapes and sizes of ERW tube, our products can assist customers in meeting a huge selection of unique requirements. Brilliantly priced and manufactured using only the most efficient methods, our tubes are the ones to choose.

While there are a number of thicker high purity tubing applications, which still need a TIG root or hot pass, MIG root passes on stainless steel are constantly certified in implementations of lower severity. This is also true with more important administrations that are normally performed utilising TIG.

Specific applications are even being accomplished without the requirement for a black purge. This somewhat recent development was made possible thanks to an altered short circuit MIG welding operation like RMD. Just remember though that this should never be carried out during high-purity applications with duplex stainless steels, like food processing, pharmaceutical and semiconductor for example.

A regular welding sequence for tubes of a greater diameter, like 12-inch schedule 40 models used for gas and oil processing, would be to lay an RMD root and switch over to a flux coloured arc welding or Pulsed MIG activity for the fill and cap passes. This would negate the requirement for a TIG hot pass.

RMD is a notable enhancement over conventional short-circuit MIG in the respect that the welding set up predicts and dominates the circuit. Afterwards, it shortens the welding current to manufacture an unwavering metal transfer. This degree of control offers uniform droplet deposition and makes managing the puddle, and by extension, welding and heat input speeds, simpler.

At Union Steel Tubes, we possess the ability to handle orders of any size, be they large or small. Before we send our ERW tube out to you however, we make certain that it matches the appropriate standards. This is something we accomplish using extensive testing.

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