Decide what shape you want the inner and outer diameter

One of the great things about tubing and advanced manufacturing techniques is the external diameter can be a different shape to the internal one. For example you could have a piece of circular tube with a hexagonal inner diameter. This expands the wealth of possibilities with the products and the number of different applications they can fulfil.

At Union Steel Tubes we have grown to become an ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands based clients can put their complete faith in. We can deliver the highest quality products, ensuring they satisfy very specific requirements. Our team are accomplished at manufacturing and finishing the tubing, allowing us to take on and complete all kinds of challenging projects.

Generally tubing begins life with the same shaped inner and outer diameters. This is down to how the tubing is bent or rolled into shape before being welded. Once the weld is complete the surfaces can be adapted if necessary. Typically it is the internal one that is worked on because it is easier and can leave the exterior surface unblemished.

Hydraulic dies are great for adapting the internal diameter of a piece of tubing. They open and close, literally hammering the surface to change the shape. No material is lost in the process. With this technique though, the tubes need to start off with a larger wall thickness.

Tubes with differently shaped internal and external diameters may take a little longer to manufacture but our team at Union Steel can create them effectively. We have efficient processes in place, ensuring clients can come to us expecting fast dispatch and delivery. We will offer advice about how long manufacturing will take at the outset so clients can plan accordingly.

If you are looking for high specification tubing you should definitely choose us. To work with an ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands based clients love dealing with, contact us and discuss your requirements.