Galvanisation offers the ultimate protection

Having worked with ERW tubes since our founding in 2004, we have done our best to supply customers with the highest quality products. Not only is our merchandise comprised of top calibre materials, but before they are sent out to you, they’re tested extensively to ensure that they function properly. Well priced and available with quick delivery, ours are the tubes to choose.
For centuries, steel has acted as one of the primary elements of countless construction endeavours. After the method of galvanisation was discovered during the 17th century, the concept of safeguarding and amplifying the substance came to life. For anyone who is a construction project engineer, making certain that you possess those mediums with the upmost quality is vital. This includes the tubing you intend to utilise for the components.

Anyone who makes use of galvanised steel tubing is going to thank themselves later, as these types of tubes bring with them a slew of advantages. Complete protection just so happens to be one of them. The procedures involved in galvanising tubing are so comprehensive that one can expect to obtain an outstanding degree of protection against demanding conditions and the elements. What this means is that every single part, sharp recess and corner of the tube shall be able to better resist damage.

During the time that they’ve existed for, the popularity of galvanised ERW tubes has not diminished, thanks largely to the benefits provided by them. If you are in need of a great solution for your fabrication or construction project, these materials would be wise investments.

At Union Steel Tubes our products come available in numerous qualities and sizes, including the likes of pre-galvanised and seamless varieties. Meeting every requirement is something we strive to do, so if there’s something particular that you have in mind, let us know so that we can discuss specifics.

Remember to contact us if we can help with anything, including creating unique ERW tubes for you.