The application can differ depending on the steel’s properties

It is vital to consider the application when selecting a tubing material. That way the product will have the correct properties. As the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands businesses can work with, we can help you to make your selection.

A grading system defined each type of steel. Definitions are based on their properties; including strength, density, hardness and melting point. There are four broad groups: alloy, stainless, carbon and tool steels.

This is an alloy of iron and carbon. To produce different properties, the ration of materials must be varied. Typically, when adding more carbon this produces more brittle steel. This steel is easily workable, making it perfect for materials such as fencing. However, other types can suit structural and wiring applications.

Tool steel
The type of properties with this steel is durability and heat resistance. Some of the alloy elements added to achieve this range from tungsten to vanadium and molybdenum. This metal type can produce a vast range of useful tools.

These are made for the purpose of preventing rust. Generally, chromium is added due to its corrosion resistant properties; just adding 11% of it can provide 200 times more resistance. Within this category there are 3 groups namely martensitic, ferritic and austenitic steels; each suitable for various applications.

Besides from iron, other alloy elements can be added. Again, any additional element is responsible for how the properties differ. For example, adding nickel and chromium produces stainless versions, adding manganese increases its strength, and including aluminium provides a cleaner finish.

Each of these groups is used for a variety of purposes and applications. When producing ERW tubes, deciding which type of steel used to manufacture them will depend on your project requirements. Thankfully, with Union Steel the right expertise will be provided to help with this decision.

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