Carbon and stainless steel are different

Whatever your project, selecting the right ERW tube and grade of steel is an important decision. However, before deciding this you must choose what steel type to use. The two main types are stainless and carbon steels. To help you make the decision, this blog will discuss the difference between them.

What changes steel type?

In the steel industry, to differentiate metal type they base it on various things. The main differences involve corrosion resistance, appearance, mechanical properties, and cost.

With corrosion resistance carbon and stainless steels are very different. Stainless is the best for resisting the wear, but both types oxidise. When metals oxidise it typically creates rust, this is why we add alloys. Chromium is added to stainless steel because it improves corrosion resistance. However, carbon steel doesn’t usually contain enough chromium for so it will corrode faster. So if your project needs a lasting resistance to corrosion, opt for the stainless type.

When your project needs appealing aesthetics, you need to decide which metal is best. If you need a cosmetic finish, a stainless type is best. However, sanding or polishing both types will make vastly different looks. When carbon steel isn’t polished, this will soon tarnish and rust. Additionally, rusting will occur quicker with stainless if ther is a flaw in the surface.

It is difficult deciding what’s most suitable for its mechanical properties. This is especially true with ERW tube products. This is due to the many different grades between stainless and carbon steel. When adding certain alloys, each one added will change its mechanical properties. Generally, carbon steel contains more nickel therefore its less ductile than stainless. Furthermore, changing the grade can affect price; with stainless being more expensive due to added alloy elements.

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