Understanding HSLA Steel

One thing that has helped us become a leading tubing supplier is our knowledge of different steels. This means we can support clients and help them to choose the best products. If they ever need the right ERW steel tubes West Midlands businesses only need to call on us.

One of the most common steels is HSLA. Firstly, this abbreviates high strength low alloy. Every type of steel is an alloy, featuring carbon, nickel, tungsten or other materials. Each of these is added to improve the properties or provide new characteristics. From its name you should spot that HSLA only needs small amounts of additional materials to make the composition. The elements added strengthen it, whilst making it more heat responsive than other steels.

This kind of steel is made similarly to other varieties. To begin coal and iron ore are added to a furnace with alloy elements. After the correct composition has been created, the excess contaminants are removed ready for solidifying into ingot form. Once cooled and removed, the material is ready to be formed into different products.

Standard carbon steel can have some disadvantages when compared to HSLA. Adding different elements can increase the hardness and general strength of finished products. This is due to changing the atom’s structure to block certain movements.

Selecting the grade and composition of HSLA steel should depend on the application. For structural purposes like in construction, weathering steel can be typically used. However, HSLA is not solely employed for construction purposes; it can also be found gas and oil industries as steel tubing.

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