Steel is a valuable material for creating tubes

We are the ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands can have confidence in. If you have come to us, you are likely in need of quality tubes that meet precise specifications for your next project. As you can guess from our name, we use steel to produce tubes of differing specifications. There are numerous practical applications of using this material, so it is a fine choice for your needs.


Most people want metal tubing that has high rust resistance. This is especially true if it is for use in environments where there is high moisture and other elements such as salt. This means that steel is not the right choice in most cases. However, stainless steel has a higher resistance to rusting. In addition, you can finish other types of steel with plate or galvanisation to give them a protective coating. This will protect them from rusting.

Greater Capacity

Tubes made from steel are stronger than other types. People can make them bigger and thinner without compromising quality, durability, and strength. As a result you can have affordable tubing that meets your requirements. It is easy to have custom steel tubes to meet any height, width and other specification to satisfy the needs of the job.


Steel tubes are incredibly durable which makes them a great option for most projects. They are able to withstand high pressures, vibrations, and shock without resulting in leaks and spills.


ERW steel tubes West MidlandsUsing steel is actually a way to look out for the environment. A great deal of steel gets recycled because people can do this and the material won’t lose its strength or quality.

You will never receive anything less than excellent quality products when you choose to work with Union Steel. We have various measures in place to ensure this, starting with having a team of experts. Each member of staff works incredibly hard to produce the best results possible and our methods of testing also ensure each tube is precise. Couple this with our record for superb customer care and it is no surprise we are the ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands trusts.

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