Examine your tubes after using the scarfing process

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Our tubes come in various shapes and sizes, including round, oval, square, thin wall and thick wall. We also have a few special options available. Therefore we can cater for many needs.

Electric resistance welding can produce excellent tubing. On the standard ERW tube mill, we feed strip steel coils in. A cylinder forms gradually here. Next, we heat the coils up with the aid of a high power inductor coil as we push the two sides of the tube together. This creates a great bond.

The scarfing process

Forcing the two sides of the tube together usually causes a large bead. Because of this, you must use a process called scarfing. It is necessary in order to dispose of surplus material inside the bead to supply a smooth exterior.

However, scarfing is a procedure that you must control carefully. If you don’t it has the potential to remove a fair amount of the parent material. Should this happen, it will reduce the tube’s mechanical characteristics. You need to get it accurate so you remove enough of the bead but don’t cut deep into the tube.

The scarf width

You have to measure several important features after the scarfing process has taken place. The most important of these would be the scarf width. If you have cut the scarf too strongly into the tubing substance, it is going to show up too wide. When cut too shallow, it shall appear too slim. Measuring the scarf’s width offers you an accurate inference of the correct settings for the scarfing tool.

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