How does galvanisation help the steel?

ERW tubes are useful for all kinds of situations. However, you must design them properly to ensure they will be effective. We can help by fashioning the finest tubing you have ever seen. In additional, we test every single tube to ensure there are no faults with them.

One of the finishes we provide for our ERW tube is pre-galvanised. If you are new to this industry, you probably don’t know what galvanisation is. Allow us to explain. It is possible to find galvanised steel almost everywhere. People use it to fabricate hinges, roofing, railings, rubbish bins, buckets, and more. This type of steel has great resistance to corrosion when you compare with materials that have had no treatment. As a result it is ideal for marine settings and exterior environments in general.

Manufacturing galvanised steel

Next, we are going to dive deeper into how you manufacture this steel. Galvanisation itself is a chemical procedure. It increases durability and makes the material more appropriate for demanding work. The process is different to painting, which merely coats and seals your metal. On the other hand, galvanisation makes the inert substance a fixed component of the steel. In most cases the coating is zinc. This lasts much longer than paint layers do.

There are several common techniques used to galvanise steel. One of these is the hot dipping method. What you do here is submerge steel in molten zinc. This leaves the material’s outside layer with a complete coating. It is an effective method for coating ERW tubes.

The level of galvanising normally refers to the zinc’s weight per surface area rather than the thickness of the exterior layer. This provides a much more accurate depiction of how much you apply.

Two forms of protection

Zinc is able to protect the steel in two ways. To begin with, there is the physical coating to stop moisture and oxygen from getting to the steel. The layer is especially resistant to scratches and other types of damage.

In addition, the zinc shall reliably keep the ferrous substance safe for many years. This comes in handy if you need any tools for demanding environments. An example would be where the steel can encounter sea water. The zinc shall start corroding long before the steel does.

There might be a time where the zinc layer has damage. There is no need to worry though because you can repair it with galvanising spray. This is a paint you introduce to the metal’s surface. Because of this, it won’t have an identical lifespan to that of the hot dipped galvanising. Despite that, it is a suitable preventative measure that can last in the majority of outdoor settings.

Let’s talk about ERW tubes

At Union Steel Tubes, we give our customers plenty of options with our pre-galvanised tubes and other finishes. There are literally hundreds of choices, including shapes, wall thicknesses, and diameters. We also provide cutting in house to offer bespoke lengths.

When someone wants ERW tubes with a specific design, we do everything we can to give this to them. If you wish to discuss certain details with us, feel free to get in touch.