Mild steel is useful for creating ERW tubes in different shapes

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It all starts with a sheet

Steel ERW tubes come in a myriad of angular and round shapes. This includes rectangular, square, oval, and circular. No matter the shape, the manufacturer always begins with a sheet of material. Normally, this is mild steel. They begin by trimming it to the correct width. Then, it is cold formed using a mechanism possessing contoured rollers. Once you unite the two edges, you can weld them to complete the tube.

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Why mild steel?

You are probably wondering why mild steel is one of the most popular substances for creating tubing. It is especially favourable for ERW tube production since you can cold form the sheets by rolling them. After the ends meet, it is simple to weld them together. All of this is possible due to the metal being rather soft.

Not as brittle and more flexible

Another advantage for employing mild steel in tubing is that it isn’t as brittle as other substances. As a result it has more flexibility. The reason for this is that it holds roughly 2% carbon. Due to that fact, you can adapt and bend the tube with relative ease. One thing to remember here is that the material’s flex means it isn’t appropriate for structural applications. That includes beams and columns.

Low costs

There is one main reason why mild steel is a go to material for tubes though. It is that the substance is relatively inexpensive. This is a major boon for manufacturers. Moreover, as we already said, you can cold form and weld it without much hassle. These both keep costs to a minimum as well.

Things to remember

Something you cannot forget here is that mild steel does not have the best corrosion resistance. However, you can galvanise or paint the metal to give it a protective coat. If you are using the material in an environment where corrosion shall be a problem, make certain you choose an appropriate finish. This way, it won’t rapidly deteriorate.

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