Are you aware of the effectiveness of ultrasonic testing?

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Ensuring accurate sizing

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a special operation. Here, you introduce high frequency sound to a material’s exterior. In our case, it would be tubes. It then reflects the sound waves from the inside. From here it creates an accurate wall thickness measurement. The readings you receive are about as precise as those from a micrometer.

Ultrasound is a reliable and proven diagnostic test. People use it often in various industries for flaw and weld detection. Examples include nuclear power, military, aerospace, and aviation. Enhancements in instruments have also pushed this technology into other areas. Quality control comes to mind here. Despite this fact, its advantages as a diagnostic tool are not widely known. Technicians, plant engineers, and facility managers should learn about them.

The advantages over cutting tubes

UT is a non-destructive approach. Thus, it provides a series of benefits over cutting tube out for inspection. It is safe to personnel, reliable, and accurate. Moreover, it is incredibly cost effective and supplies immediate results. It does not require a system shutdown either.

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsIt is possible for ultrasound to offer a general assessment of tubing condition. This can focus on a certain area of concern too. The assessment is useful for looking at things like HVAC systems. The quality of the results depends on the data analysis methods, the degree of testing, and also the measurement techniques you use.

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