Creating a quality edge when manufacturing ERW tubes

Union Steel is a reputable establishment you can trust. Our many years of hard work ensure we always deliver outstanding results for our customers. The range of products we offer includes an enormous number of options when it comes to seamless and ERW tubes. As a result we can cater for any needs, offering great customer service and reliable tubing.

Getting good edges

You need to prepare and start with good edges if you want to achieve a quality weld. When manufacturing ERW tube and pipe, this is even more crucial. It is next to impossible to consistently get perfect edges from side trimming and slitting master coils, or rotary side trimming single-width coils.

When rotary side trimming hot-rolled, single-width coils and side trimming and slitting a master coil into numerous strands, it is important that you equally remove material from each side. This will leave a skelp strand that is the right size for forming, sizing, and welding.

There must be control over 3 critical processes when manufacturing ERW tubing. A lot of this responsibility belongs with the mill operator. They need to control skelp edge preparation, skelp forming, and the ERW process. The aim of this is to get the best edges possible to create the highest quality ERW seam. All of this, along with quality standards and checking sheered edges, will help produce the best weld seam possible.

Turn to us for your ERW tubes

ERW tubesPeople know us for the high quality tubing we produce. The tube is available in a huge number of shapes and sizes, along with numerous other specifications. Our skilful team members create high specification items. The checks we complete ensure the accuracy of the products.

Whatever your application, we can offer ERW tubes that are perfect for it. You can get in touch with us to learn about the full scope of our work and the first-rate results we continuously provide people with.