It is preferable not to force your cutting equipment

Some applications demand the inclusion of a first rate ERW tube. As an ISO 9001 Registered Company, we have quality management systems in place to ensure we offer great products. In addition, we have the ability to handle orders of any size. We even make it a point to stay on top of customer service as well.

To meet the client’s specifications, it is often necessary to cut our tubing. There is a vital piece of information you need to remember when doing this though. It is that the sections are hollow. Because of this, you can’t use an excessive amount of downward pressure. Doing so can cause the tube to warp. It is possible for this to happen no matter what shape the tube is. Thicker walls are able to offer protection but enough pressure can still cause warping.

The blade must go at its own pace

For you to cut efficiently, it is imperative that you allow the blade to do its job at its own pace. You don’t want to rely on high pressure to force the process. If you are patient, the final tube shall be the correct shape and more precise.

ERW tubePeople typically put extra pressure on cutting utensils to speed things up because they don’t have blades that are sharp enough. You will end up spending more time on the job if you use a dull blade. This is especially true when you are cutting durable stainless steel ERW tube. Prior to starting a job, you should examine your blades and sharpen them.

Similarly, it is essential to frequently change your blades once their usefulness ends. This is critical for safety reasons in addition to quality ones. One thing you don’t want is for a blade to fail and put both the equipment and operator at risk.

At Union Steel Tubes, we regularly make use of our cutting and processing service. We can supply you with the length of ERW tube you require for your application. Additionally, there are different finishes available for our tubes, such as deburred and chrome plated. If you find yourself in need of tubing, please contact us.