ERW Tube

Electric Resistance Welded pipe, more commonly referred to as ERW tube, is ideally suited for use and construction work where overall strength can be sacrificed for a more accurate diameter, a reduction in weight and lower overall production costs. Although not limited to this, ERW tube is most commonly considered the best choice for bicycle and low power engined motorcycle frames, as well as gas and water pipes.

Over the last decade Union Steel have become the UK’s leading supplier of ERW tube requirements to order. From our base in the West Midlands we are able to meet the demands and expectations of orders from across the nation, both in regards of quantity required and in delivering to meet your time constraints. No matter what industry or production business you are in we know only too well how important the accurate, reliable supply of equipment is. Our commitment to all of our valued clients is to always respect this importance and ensure you get the reliable, assured level of world class service you expect.

To make sure we can meet your requirements we keep an extensive range of ERW tube on stock at our premises. We retain a large number of the most commonly used and in demand diameter sizes of steel tubes. This allows us to, in the overwhelming majority of cases, offer next day delivery on your order. In cases where it is possible to do so we can also provide a same day delivery of ERW tube if your situation requires it. Should you wish to arrange your own collection, at Union Steel our clients are always most welcome guests.

Whether you need standard circular ERW tube or if your requirement is for square, rectangular or oval, we can meet your demands. Our team of engineers and craftsmen will also ensure that it is cut with precision to the length that you need.

For perfect, precision ERW tube to meet your exact requirements, Union Steel are here to meet and exceed your expectations.