Steel efficiency in the construction industry

Our ERW tube products are used for many purposes, notably in the form of structural steel. While materials such as brick and concrete are usually the most visible elements of a building, very often steel tubing has been used to create an essential supportive skeleton for the structure. We’d like to spend some time looking at how ERW tubes are used in construction work.

When we think about famous structural engineers, well known names such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Gustave Eiffel often come to mind. The name of Fazlur Rahman Khan stands alongside these world famous innovators, as he made vital contributions to the world of structural engineering, and many of us will see and benefit from his work virtually every day.

His innovative design and engineering work concentrated on using structural steel in an efficient and strong way, particularly ERW tubes. His designs made it possible to not only reduce the costs of construction but also to allow buildings to be made bigger, taller and far more flexible in shape and design than was previously possible. In short, his work essentially gave birth to the modern skyscraper. Of the many designs which featured his innovative use of steel tubes, Chicago’s famous Sears Tower and John Hancock Centre are arguably the most well known.

Although the skyscrapers which were made possible through Fazlur Rahman Khan’s pioneering designs are not a common sight in the British skyline, we have all learned a great deal about efficiency and the potential for different shapes of buildings from his work. As the preferred supplier of low cost, precision cut ERW tube products working with a wide range of building and construction companies throughout the country, we take great pride from the fact that our work enhances the efficiency made possible by the work of Khan and other pioneers in the world of structural steel, engineering and architecture.