Steel frames for safer superior cycling

We are well known for producing ERW tubes to be used in a wide variety of different industries. We specialise in producing components for use in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems within buildings, but we also supply several other industries with our services. For example, we supply the steel tubes required for manufacturing strong, light and durable bicycle frames.

More people currently cycle on a regular basis in the UK than ever before, whether for commuting, leisure, sporting activity or a combination of these reasons. No matter what the reason is, cyclists have one thing in common – they want to ensure that they have a bike which is as safe and reliable bike as possible. For this reason, steel framed bicycles constructed from ERW tubes are among the most popular. We take pride in the fact that our steel tubing is frequently regarded as the finest for this purpose.

We would usually associate steel with being too heavy to make bike frames, but this is not the case. While lightweight materials such as aluminium are used in cycles designed for professional competition, strength is generally considered as being more important than speed when it comes to day to day riding. It is possible to achieve very narrow diameters with ERW tubes, which allows for thinner yet very strong bicycle frame construction.

There are many reasons why our ERW tubes are equally popular in the HVAC and construction industries and in bicycle manufacturing. The strong, reliable and efficient qualities of our steel means that it can be relied on for enduring and consistent performance. Whether you need a large volume of the perfect steel tubing to construct a line of bicycle models, or you need enough just to make one unique custom frame, we’re able to meet your requirements to perfection.