The importance of our steel tube testing phase

As a leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands working with a diverse range of industries, we have a responsibility to manufacture and deliver the highest quality components. Our services have been designed to meet a comprehensive range of needs and as a result we are a trusted name throughout the sector.

Our vast selection of products can easily meet the needs of our customers. One of the most important stages of our work is ensuring each finished product corresponds with the precise requirements of the order and the relevant standards. Product testing is an integral aspect of steel tube manufacturing, and we take every step to ensure the efficiency and quality of each of our tubes.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers every time, which is why we subject every product to rigorous testing before we dispatch them. Our tests are structured to determine the strength and performance of our products. We carry out each test in accordance with the type of tubing that has been manufactured, and we ensure every tube is able to meet the intended needs of the application.

One of the major benefits of our service is that we are equipped to manufacture our products in a varied range of shapes and sizes. We offer over 200 in total and we are confident that we can easily meet all of your needs.

We can supply your tubes in any length and finish including chrome plated and zinc. We also employ a high quality deburring method to rid the tubes of any sharp points and edges and produce a flawless final product. Our tubes are manufactured with maximum precision and attention to detail, while also offering excellent value for money. As reputable suppliers, we can be trusted to manufacture the finest tubular components, carry out thorough testing and provide a cost-efficient service.