Stainless steel tubing is ideal for water supply systems

We are an ISO 9001 Company working to provide the UK with first class ERW tubes. The products we produce come in many sizes and shapes. This allows us to offer customers a solution for countless applications. In the event our standard sizes won’t do, we can provide something more unique. Then, we also have a cutting service to deliver a choice of lengths.

Water is one of life’s critical commodities. Without this natural resource, we would not last long. Roughly 70% of our planet is covered in water, with most of it being found as groundwater or in oceans. Out of that, a mere 2.5% is fresh. We can use it for drinking and other essential reasons.

Despite knowing these facts, we are a bit careless with water management and usage. For many years, we have concentrated on promoting sanitary drinking water for hygiene and health. Yet, many still lack the elementary provisions to get these supplies.

The role of our plumbing

ERW tubesThe plumbing set ups in our properties play a vital role in giving us clean and safe water. A home system is comprised of two significant components. There is the drainage system, which removes water, and the supply system, which gives us clean supplies.

The supply system depends on pressure. Taps and showers typically utilise low pressure when operating. If there is a blockage or leak, it will be influenced. In turn, the flow will be.

As for the drainage system, it drains water out of the property once we use it. There are also external elements like guttering. Bridges exist in the plumbing system where the two meet, which we call bridge figures.

You need the right tubing material

Such a complex network of water tubes can pollute the supplies by the time it reaches you. This is if you don’t use the right materials. The incorrect tubing material can corrode, leak, and ultimately contaminate the water.

Stainless steel is a great choice here because it is inert in water. Also, it can defend itself from rusting by biocides and water more than any other alloy can. Due to these characteristics, it is better for the environment and long-lasting. What’s more, it stops harmful elements from leaking into the liquid. The quality of drinking water remains high.

A durable and strong material

Something else stainless steel provides is durability and strength. Even during tricky conditions, the tensile strength is superior to that of mild steel. If you compare to carbon steel and cast iron, the mechanical properties are also superior. As a result, you can reduce the tube wall thickness. Combine this with corrosion resistance and ductility, and the repair and replacement costs go down. Contact us if you need the UK’s best ERW tubes.

Stainless steel comes with an ease of fabrication too. In terms of welding and forming, it is the most adaptable material out there. Because of this, you can use it for any form of fabrication. Thanks to the ductility, you can easily modify and install the tubes.

In terms of how durable it is, the steel is outstanding. This is true even when weather conditions are harsh. The reason is that it can resist vibrations, shock, and pressure. Strength is a factor here as well. When it comes to long-term cost efficiency, stainless steel tubes are the way to go.

Start using our ERW tubes

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