Mechanical engineering cannot work without steel tubing

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Mechanical engineering is responsible for producing a huge array of items to satisfy society’s needs. It does so using the concepts of force, energy, and motion. This is a major discipline of engineering. It consists of the testing, development, and study of machinery and objects. Such work ensures their efficacy and safety.

Tubes are popular utensils in mechanical applications. You can find them in all kinds of items we encounter in our daily lives. In this post, we will be talking more about the role of steel tubes in mechanical engineering.

The automotive industry

ERW tubeWe will begin by looking at the automotive industry. Automobiles are objects that rely on force and motion. You might use the bus, drive a car, or utilise another type of vehicle for long distance travel. If so, you are benefiting from the wonderful world of mechanical engineering.

You can find steel tubes, including ERW tube, in critical areas of all kinds of vehicles. For example, they are in steering systems, fuel lines, and intercoolers. Other areas include exhausts, mufflers, and coolant systems. What’s more, you can use the tubing for gas injections when you must fill the vehicle up with petrol. On public transport you can find handrails and seat constructions that rely on the tube too.

Steel is great for automobiles as it lasts a long time and is lightweight. Due to these attributes, there is an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio. Steel is ductile as well, allowing you to adapt it to fit into a compact car.

The aerospace industry

It is the job of aerospace engineers to test and develop planes and other aircraft. They do the same for missiles, satellites, and spacecraft to guarantee safe flight. These individuals are in charge of wings, frames, engines, and additional functional components.

Over 3 kilometres of tubes transmit coolants, hydraulic fluids, oxygen, waste, water, air, and fuel in a regular plane. It is not possible to move a huge group of people from one place to another without this tubing.

Another thing to note is that fuel is expensive. As such, it is necessary for aircraft to be made out of long-lasting, lightweight substances. Common materials shall also deteriorate at high pressure when they go up into the atmosphere. This is where steel tubing comes in. Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio, they are a good option for manufacturing aerospace products. If you require top tier ERW tube items, contact us today.

Power generation

Finally, we will discuss power generation. Electricity is something we can’t do without. It powers most of the things we use on a daily basis. Without it, we would have to resort to lighting candles for illumination. Summer and winter would be far less tolerable too. Plus we wouldn’t have most of the tech we do today.

Many different types of plant produce electricity. For example, there are nuclear, natural gas, hydro, geothermal, and coal facilities. Tubing is one of the essential components in such plants. The tubes can be found throughout the facilities. They are used to transmit high-pressure heat, steam, water, and air. You use them for things like combustion, storage, heating boilers, radiators, and coolant systems. Without the tubes, conversion of basic energy sources to electricity would be harder.

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