Important considerations for replacing heating and cooling tubing

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With cooling and heating system tubing, there will come a time when you will have to replace it. There are multiple scenarios that may have put you on this path. We will be discussing the topic below. Also, we will go over some other important points you need to be aware of.

Corrosion necessitates replacement

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsOne scenario that can call for a replacement is corrosion. This can happen with unprotected steel tubing both externally and internally. It occurs due to the presence of oxygen in water. You may have chosen stainless or galvanised steel to give you more protection here. However, they won’t last indefinitely. You need to think about the life expectancy and how vulnerable the material is to environmental impact.

With interior corrosion, it is normally the result of inadequate degrees of corrosion inhibitors. These are ones in water treatment systems.

Externally, tubing that does not have an anti-corrosion finish will be vulnerable. Exterior tube corrosion is possible under lagging too. Here, the air gets between the lagging material and tubing. It then condenses and pools, generating pitting. Usually, this isn’t identifiable until someone removes the lagging for replacement or inspection.

System design

Another reason why you may need replacement tubing is due to the system design. Convoluted or undersized tube routes can increase system resistance. It will lead to your pumps functioning at less than desirable levels. In the end, this shall cost you more energy, as well as causing problems like cavitation.

Tube that may have been appropriate during the initial installation could now be inadequate or obsolete. It might not be able to handle a system capacity increase. Alterations can leave dead-legs in your systems that you will need to resolve. Undersize balance lines and improper valves could be giving you grief too. They can also cause system water loss.

What type of replacement to choose?

There is something else you need to ask if you need a replacement. Consider if you should replace like with like. A simple answer to this question does not exist. However, you should look at those reasons for replacing the tube. This shall aid you in selecting the most appropriate solution. Come to us if you need the finest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.

When corrosion is the driving force, look to materials with more resistance. In addition, suitable degrees of corrosion inhibitor in the water treatment will help you safeguard the interior surface of steel tubing. But, there could be a delay between installation and commissioning. There might be a break in treatment as well. Here, corrosion might be swift, leading to early replacement.

The inclusion of strainers and filters can assist you in further protecting against system damages. Saying this, there is extra cost here you can dodge. Use corrosion resistant materials in the tubing. Do this where corroded tube is the main cause of suspended solids in your system.

Stainless steel tubing can be your alternative

Even though it is more costly than normal mild steel tubing, it can cost less over its lifetime. This is in relation to ongoing protection and maintenance. It is the perfect choice in open systems where you are adding and losing fresh oxygenated water frequently. Stainless steel tubes are heavily resistant to corrosion and have a smooth bore.

You may be changing tubing because of a modification in the system design. What you need to do here is look at why your present tubes are not suitable. For instance, there may be a change in the capacity of the cooling or heating equipment. Here, it is essential that your replacement tubes can accommodate any flow or pressure increases. This is to avoid overworking the pumps.

Similarly, you could be replacing the tubing and lowering the capacity of the system. In this scenario, you might have the chance to lower the tube size diameter and save on costs.

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