Stainless steel sanitary filters

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ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsOne item you may wish to create using your new tubes is a sanitary filter. It is vital to have sanitary conditions with any form of food and beverage processing. In fact, there are strict regulations to meet. Food processors utilise sanitary strainers. These filter out the solid particles in the products. They work to halt contamination.

There are actually a handful of benefits to employing stainless steel sanitary products in your own practices. We are going to go through some of them here.


Firstly, there is the durability. Sanitary products made of stainless steel are corrosion resistant. This makes them perfect for use in acidic conditions. Ketchup production comes to mind here. Under standard conditions, stainless steel products can last as long as 100 years. Because it won’t rust, the steel parts should remain strong for a long time. This can include welds if you use the right technique and filler.


Another benefit would have to be the sanitary condition. As we said above, the stainless steel does not rust. That means there is no risk of it contaminating the food or beverages you are processing. In addition, it is easy to keep the metal clean, ensuring you can retain higher hygiene levels.

Pressure and temperature tolerance

Finally, there is the temperature and pressure tolerance. The stainless steel can endure high temperatures and pressures. It is able to accomplish this without undermining the integrity. Features like these make the material a must have for all sorts of applications in the food and beverage industry.

Sanitary filters are essential for preserving the quality and integrity of your products. By choosing steel designs in particular, you will have a much easier time improving hygiene in the production processes.

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