You need more than the standard ERW process

For years, we have been working hard to provide all of our clients with ERW tube they can depend on. This is harder than it might seem. After-all, each individual has their own specifications that we must meet. In other words, one solution will not work for every situation. That is why we offer such a huge array of options including sizes, shapes, and finishes.

A quick and economical procedure

ERW tubeERW steel tube production is comparatively economical and high speed. The main reason for this is that you can automate the procedure. The tubes can possess uniform outer dimensions and wall thickness. In addition, you can create them with a considerable range of specifications.

Owing to the benefits, the use and production of the ERW tube has risen steadily over the years. The performance requirements of these tools have grown continuously as well. This has been happening in line with the development of the oil and gas industry. There is massive demand to create the tubes with great formability and high strength.

High performance ERW tubing can act as a substitute for seamless tubes in many instances. What this does is lower the engineering costs. However, it is hard to acquire great performance by using the standard ERW operation. The reason why is that people tend to manufacture the tubes by cold forming steel strips. As a result, the ductility of the tubes may be affected. This is because of cold roll forming’s work hardening. Moreover, the quench hardening coming from the rapid cooling following the welding has an identical effect on the steel tube’s mechanical characteristics. This is in the weld joint.

Production flexibility

There is another limitation of the usual ERW tube process too. It is that the steel tube’s production flexibility is restricted by the production lines. There is one main bottleneck to improving the productivity of ERW steel tubes. It is the straight seam welding speed. This is far more notable when producing tubes with small diameters. However, you can improve this by lowering the diameter of hug ERW tubes.

In the standard manufacturing technology of these tubes, off-line heat treatment is a crucial step. This is to augment the mechanical attributes. It is a way to boost the weld joint’s impact performance. Sadly, the process results in higher costs.

Order our ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we commit to meeting the highest possible standards in our work. For this to happen, we subject each tube to careful and extensive testing. Not to mention, we will deliver orders to you quickly. There is even a next-day service for urgent orders.

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