Coatings are required to keep tubes in shape

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Keeping rust and corrosion away with coatings

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsThe producers of tubular products have a big responsibility to consumers; they must manufacture, store, and ship the best tubes. For many users, the tubing will need to be free of corrosion and rust. It is possible to accomplish this using a myriad of coatings. The manufacturer must choose one to suit the storage conditions and final use of the tube.

In 1999, there was a market study performed. Its goal was to uncover the future as well as the current needs for worldwide pipe and tube applications. This is regarding corrosion preventive coating performance and application.

Because of the study, it became possible for establishments to divide coating requirements into two separate tubular product lines. The first is electric resistance welded tube and the second is seamless. We will be looking more into the first because we are the leading provider of ERW steel tubes West Midlands businesses can work with.

The ERW tube

This is a kind of tubing you can use in applications like fuel lines, decorative tubes, and furniture. The particular use affects the form of corrosion protection you require. In certain instances, the coatings might have to be pigmented. This introduces an extra degree of complexity.

Coating classification

You can class the coatings for ERW tubes in three ways. For one thing, they can function as a primer. Several end users employ the tube as it is and introduce a decorative finish. Because of this, it is crucial to guarantee that a multitude of topcoats will stick to the final mill coating. What’s more, the coatings can offer you long term corrosion protection in harsh exterior conditions.

You may not apply additional coatings. If not, the final mill coating has to function similarly to the one used on seamless pipe.

Finally, the coatings can offer users interim corrosion protection. If you are going to apply more coats, the first coating has to provide temporary protection. This is until the finishing procedure happens.

One last point is that it should be easy to remove the coating using a mild alkaline cleaning solution.

Order the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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